Thursday, March 19, 2015

ARC Review: Gathering Frost by Kaitlyn Davis

Summary: Will his kiss be enough to revive her frozen heart? 

Once Upon A Time meets La Femme Nikita in GATHERING FROST, a dystopian romance from bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis that reimagines the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Jade was only a little girl when the earthquake struck. Before her eyes, half of New York City disappeared, replaced by a village that seemed torn out of a storybook. Horses and carriages. Cobblestone streets. A towering castle. And, above all, a queen with the magical ability to strip emotions away.

Ten years later and Jade has forgotten what it is to feel, to care...even to love. Working as a member of the queen's guard, she spends most of her time on the city wall staring at the crumbling skyscrapers of old New York. But everything changes when the queen's runaway son, Prince Asher, returns. Jade is tasked with an unusual mission--to let the Prince capture her, to make him trust her, and then to betray his secrets to the crown. In return, she'll earn her freedom. But life outside the queen's realm is more than Jade bargained for. Under Asher's relentless taunts, her blood begins to boil. Under his piercing gaze, her heart begins to flutter. And the more her icy soul begins to thaw, the more Jade comes to question everything she's ever known--and, more importantly, whose side she's really on.


**I received a copy, as part of the blog tour, in exchange for an honest review**

Initial Thoughts: I absolutely loved it! I love retellings and I love a wonderful plot and characters. I was completely into the story and had such a hard time pulling away from this beauty. I can't stop saying enough how much I enjoyed Gathering Frost.

The Characters: I really loved Jade. For some reason, I just connected with her from the start which I thought would be hard because she is emotionless, but nope, not the case. Maybe it was because I just knew she would be a good person with a kind heart which she is. She's a great fighter as well as a really caring person even though she doesn't see herself with high regard. Jade felt completely genuine and I adored her for that.

Asher. Well swoon is all I can say! He's probably my favorite part of the story! Probably because he's the type of guy I like to see in books. He's really sweet, smart, and willingly to give his life up for others. I also loved how he helped Jade through her transition from the Queen's spell and was always kind and loving to her. He was perfect!

"You were so beautiful, but so hard, so cold. When I looked at you, I saw caged fire. Your spark was almost gone. It was smothered, slowly dying. And all I wanted to do was set you free." ~ Asher

The Story: The book starts off with Jade as a little girl in New York as the modern world and a older, magical world cross over and combine. The Queen from this older world takes over and anyone put under her spell is emotionless and Jade was one of the first be put under. Years later, Jade a trained fighter and still emotionless, goes out to check on some explosion that was triggered by the perimeter and that is where she meets Asher, the Queen's son who had ran away as a little boy and was never seen of again. Of course she goes to the Queen and tells her she saw his son and the Queen wants Jade to do something about this. Now I'll leave the rest of the story for you to find out but believe me, it's full of love and intrigue and mystery and absolutely wonderful!

The Romance: Jade and Asher's romance starts slow because well, Jade is emotionless and it's hard to love when you don't feel anything. When she does start getting her emotions back, their interactions are just so cute and love how they work together even though they still have secrets that they hide. So their relationship develops over the course of the book and Jade and Asher are so wonderful together. I love them soooo much. Everyone needs an Asher in their lives.

End Thoughts: Loved it! It's a great retelling and I think everyone can and should read Gathering Frost. Read it. It's an amazing story and I loved it. 5 stars.


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