Thursday, January 22, 2015


Okay so in an effort to become more productive since I've had such a slow blog going lately because of school, grrr, I'm giving myself a schedule for posts that way I can you all happy and me happy cause I'm not happy when I can't write posts. This schedule is just a goal for myself but I'm hoping it will work. My new goals/things I need help in are...

1. Every Wednesday will be a (formal) review day. I can post more during the week but I want to at least have a day set aside just for that.

2. I'm dropping/have dropped Monday Recs. because they aren't really fun for me to do anymore and I don't know how helpful they've been to you guys so that will create more time for me.

3. Should I keep Teaser Tuesday? I don't know if you enjoy them or not and I want to know about that. Would you like me to keep it, do a Top Ten Tuesday post instead, both, what? Help me out here.

4. Saturdays will be when I do Book Lovers' Topics or BLT discussion posts starting this Saturday about Expectation vs Reality.

5. Sunday post will change to Stalking the Shelves because they are a lot less time consuming to not have to link all my posts from the previous week. Plus it's not hard to look up the posts from the week so it's all a bunch of extra work on my part that doesn't seem to be helping you guys.

6. I was thinking of doing a Friday mini-review post, like a single post with a few small reviews just so that you can see more genres of books and just get a quick opinion on them.

As you can see, some things I changing but some things I need your opinion on me out here and let me know what you think!

Happy Reading!

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