Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: The Keeper's Vow by B. F. Simone

Summary: From the day he showed up on her front porch, he desperately needed three things: a new beginning, a place to belong, and someone to stand beside him. 

By the time she figured that out, it was too late. 

In a world where being half-vampire is a dark secret that tears families apart, 16 year-old Katie Watts must untangle the web of lies that is her so-called life. No one is who she thought they were. Her father is keeping secrets, and everyone knows the darker truth except her. She has no direction, no answers, and—when she searches for the truth—no home. 

As the web untangles, the truth pulls Katie and Tristan closer together they find themselves connected in more ways than she can believe. But—is honesty worth more than blissful ignorance? Can she live with the truths that begin with her dead mother and end with The Keeper’s Vow?


**I received a copy from LoP, on Goodreads, in exchange for an honest review**

Okay so this book is one I kind of hate to love. I really loved the story, I really love Tristan, I really loved everything but the main character. I don't know why but I never could connect with her. Maybe I just thought she was a little too impulsive and not patient enough. Yeah, that's why, I thought she wasn't very patient and understanding, and that annoyed me a lot. The story starts off with her at school and some boy is asking to speak to her because it's really important and urgent and she doesn't stop to even listen, even when he shows up at her house (I know that sounds stalkerish) but seriously, what he needed to say was VERY IMPORTANT. If Katie had been more patient and just took the time to STOP and listen and try to understand people and situations, a whole lot of problems would've gone away and I would've like her a lot better. But remember, I still loved this book.

Tristan is amazing! He is the guy I mentioned above who needed to talk to Katie. I literally fell in love with when he said the words "F*cking great". That whole scene was just hilarious and I truly loved his character. It was very complex and I felt for him so much and Katie really needed that whole understanding side of her to be more prevalent because Tristan really just needed someone. Katie should've tried harded to be a more understanding person!!! Err, whatever, she's imperfect and that's fine, everyone makes mistakes, and she realizes that in the end. Albeit almost too late, but I was happy in the end. I'll admit, Katie did have good, understanding moments, and wasn't a horrible person, she was actually very good. Again, I just wish she would've been more understanding!

Anyways, the story was really good and very well developed. There was tons of mystery and secrets and twists I didn't see. I tot
ally ship Katie and Tristan too! It was all very exciting and I am so excited to read the second book. I want to see what will happen next! So there you have it! 5 stars!!!

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