Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mini-Review: Forbidden Awakening by Melinda Hale

Summary: With the revelation that her boyfriend is cheating and her dream of attending college is over, Robyn Miller turns to Brandon, a man from her past. But on their date, she is soon drawn into a darker world.

During the full moon of each month, vampires are given permission to turn and welcome another amongst them. Brandon chose Robyn, the human he couldn’t resist. But tasting her and making her his is only the beginning. Their bond may start a prophecy that threatens the existence of all vampires, a prophecy known as the Awakening.


**I received a copy from LoP group on goodreads in exchange for an honest review**

Now I have and always will love vampire books and though I did enjoy this book, I had some issues with it.

Robyn's life seems to be ruined all in one day. She finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her and that her parents are separating and her mother will be needing all her money which means that Robyn can no longer go the college she wants to. The next day her friend takes her out to try and cheer her up and while doing so runs in to Brandon and decides to go on a walk with him. But he ends up kidnapping her because he's a vampire and on the vampire council which mens that he is allowed to change a human every month into a vampire and he chooses Robyn.

Now when they had met, they both felt a connection to each other. I have no problem whatsoever with insta-love BUT the thing is I need development and connection between the characters to have that insta-love factor seem more real and believable and I didn't see or feel that here. A
nd I really wish I did because it was still an enjoyable book.

In the end, I wished there had been more development between Robyn and Brandon and that there had been more information throughout the story regarding all the vampire stuff. 3 st


  1. Great review, Elizabeth! When it's realistic I don't mind insta love either. But I do need to see the connection before I'll believe it. It sounds like this one has a great premise though if only there was more development. Glad you liked it overall! :)

    1. Thank you! You are so right though, there really needed to be some more development and if there was it would have been a lot better. Also thank you for commenting, it makes me really happy/giddy/over joyed that you would take the time to read this because I am in complete awe of your blog and all that you do on it! So again, thank you, it's really appreciated! :)