Saturday, September 27, 2014

ARC Review: Deadly Pack by Ashley Stoyanoff

Summary: Since becoming the alpha female of the Dog Mountain pack, Jade certainly has had her share of challenges. She’s had to prove herself to a bunch of werewolves that she spent years hating; forgive her mate who’d done nothing but lie to her, and face the grueling fact that her father leads a pack of werecougars, who are responsible for tormenting her werewolves for many years.

On the upside, the Dog Mountain pack is finally coming together—now that Jade and Aidan’s mate status is official. And now that they know where her father’s been hiding his nasty pack of beasts, Jade and Aidan can concentrate on stopping them once and for all.

But when Jade’s dad finds out that she’s become Aidan’s official mate, all hell breaks loose, and Jade and Aidan soon learn that his plans for their werewolves are bigger than anyone could have ever suspected.


**This is the third and last book in the Deadly Trilogy. My review for book 1 is HERE and if you want more information on book 2, you can go to Goodreads HERE.**

**I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Initial Thoughts: Whaa conclusion. Every book has just gotten better and better and I'm completely in love with this book and series. I mean you can't go wrong with werewolves and stubborn yet lovable characters! 

The Characters: Jade and Aidan were just as loveable in this book, not to mention very stubborn the both of them, but they both matured greatly in this book, gained a better understanding of how their lives would be as leaders of a pack, and grew and used their love to help support each other when the pressure would get to them, especially Jade a lot. Aidan waa huge support system to Jade after the ending of the second book and all the conflict and havoc her father is causing. They all have so many struggles throughout the book but they all come out as better and stronger people in the end. One of my favorite parts of the book ws the friendship between Dominic and Aidan. They are such awesome friends! I love their friendship so much. 

The Story: It starts off where the second book ended with Jared's death and the growing problem of the werecougars. Because Aidan and Jade are mates, the pack is able to work better and more together which leads to them become really strong pack. This all helped the pack have greater advantages over the werecougars and exactly what they needed in order to stop them and finally have an end to all of the conflict. Now I'm not going to spoil, so I will say that there waa lot of action and suspense (and romance). I'm pretty good at guessing things that will happen in books, but I was pleasantly surprised when things would happen that I would never have guessed and at times almost brought me to tears. I thought the story was very well done and I was never able to take a break from reading. It was just so good and bittersweet to read. I loved it!

The Romance: Jadand Aidan's love for each other only grew throughout the book. They matured and helped each other and understood each other a lot more which helped them to have a really solid relationship where their love and strength was the center of it. These two are just so perfect for each other and work so well together too.

End Thoughts: Like I've already said, I loved it. I loved how it turned out and would recommend this series to anyone who likes werewolves and stubborn, sexy, lovable characters. I sure loved them and I'm so happy with this book. I had so much fun reading it and I look forwrd to rereading it many, many times in the future. 5 stars.


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