Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ARC Review: The Accidental Kiss by Nicole Simone

Summary: They were like fire and ice.

But he was everything she didn’t know she needed.

Marked by tragedy, Sky Noel leaves Los Angeles with her mom to start anew in Castor, a small town in Louisiana. It was supposed to be Sky’s chance to have a normal life but she soon finds out normal isn’t written in her DNA.

When a mysterious boy named Daemon shakes up Sky’s fragile hold on reality, she is thrust into a world where zombies and voodoo not only exist in the pages of a novel. They are hidden in the darkest corners where danger lurks and death awaits. With a price on her head, Sky has to put her trust in the boy with the ocean blue eyes but is Daemon everything she was warned against and more?

Tricked into selling his soul, Daemon lives out his existence at the mercy of the voodoo priest. That is until one fateful night when his path is forever changed.

Desperate to atone for his sins, Daemon brings it upon himself to protect Sky at any cost. However, a secret hidden in his past could rip away the very person who makes him feel human again.


Initial Thoughts: This book was very good I'm telling you. This was not my first paranormal book but it was my book with having zombies, well, good looking zombies at least and then add in all the other paranormal aspects and it made for one great story.

The Characters & Story: Sky moved from Los Angeles to Caster, Louisiana after her best friend died to get a fresh start. But moving did nothing but add only craziness to Sky's life. At Sky's new school, she meets Daemon which is only the start of all the secrets and danger. After meeting him a few times and having strange things happen, she realizes things aren't what they seem. Daemon for one is a zombie, a voodoo priest wants to kill her...and then there's this slight problem that if Daemon were to ever fall in love he will die. So basically, Sky and Daemon have many, many problems and obstacles they need to get through if they ever want to make things work out for them in the end.
From the start the book was very engaging. As my first zombie book I wanted to see how that whole aspect would work but with that aside, I wanted to keep reading because the world building and plot was done so very well that I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what would happen next and how things would work out if they ever did.
The Romance: From the start, Daemon wants to protect Sky because the voodoo priest wants to kill her, but he left out a few, major secrets. And of course, along the way of working together to stop the voodoo priest and figure out what's going on, Sky and Daemon get closer to each but the thing was Daemon didn't tell her about his curse of falling in love right away...
I liked Sky and Daemon together. They worked really well together, they just had (paranormal) issues they sometimes need to work through.
End Thoughts: The Accidental Kiss was very engaging, had great world building, and was a lot of fun to read. And I now like zombies. 4.5 stars.

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