Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Monday Recs. - 8/18/14

This week's Monday Recs. is a book not for the faint of heart. I actually just got the second book today and already finished it and it just reminded me of my love for these characters and their story. Plus the first book 99 cents and the second comes out next month so the wait isn't long! Ps. I know this is a day late but at least I still got it done. Happy Reading!

**Review for this book can be found HERE**

Summary: Stephanie fights reality every day. The voices inside, the ones declaring her worth, deem her broken, used and dirty. She is an object. A toy. Something to be tossed aside when bored. Who will believe her if she whispers the truth about her wrecking ball of a family? Eventually, her secret explodes and the person who means the most to her knows just how shattered she is and why she's so afraid. But rescue is closer than she realizes. Hidden in plain sight, her horror hasn’t been ignored by everyone. Racing against the truth of what she faces, forces are joining together and developing a plan to free her from the hell in her own backyard. And while she’s at her lowest point, she’s hit with the beauty of love at any cost - redemption in the face of ruin. Will it be enough?

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