Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ARC Review: To Have and To Harm by Debra Doxer

Summary: She kept everyone from harm, except herself…

Raielle’s life was shrouded in secrets. Her power was a secret and so was her past. When she came to Fort Upton, everything changed. She discovered her family, and she found the boy who would own her heart forever. But it couldn’t last. Knowing so little about her power nearly destroyed her. She had to leave and break both their hearts.

Now she’s back in California, and she doesn’t have to hide who she is anymore. But there is no relief in that because she’s drowning in regret. She knew it would take a miracle or a sin to save her, and there was no miracle. Her survival came at too high a price. She found her father, but she can’t go back to Lucas until she finds redemption. 

She saved him. Then she left him…

She came out of nowhere and changed him forever, then she disappeared and left him reeling. Her whole life, she never had anyone who really loved her. Until him. Did she think he wouldn’t come for her? Did she believe she wasn’t worth it? 

Lucas leaves everything behind to follow Raielle. When he finds her, she’s a pale shadow of the girl he remembers. Her power is betraying her and so are the people around her, but one thing hasn’t changed. She selflessly wants to save the world, and he just wants to save her.

With more secrets to uncover and dark truths to face, Raielle and Lucas must make sacrifices for each other. But in the end, will those sacrifices bring them closer together or tear them apart? When he’s forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, will she turn her back on everything she believes in to save him again?


**This is book 2 in the Remedy series. My review for book 1 can be found HERE**

**I received a copy from LoP on goodreads in exchange for an honest review**

Initial Thoughts: I'm happy. After the ending from the first book, I didn't know what expect and how long things would take for answers and while it took time for events to turn out in the beginning it really picked up and I was very happy with how the story turned out.

The Characters & Story: Cliffhanger from book one: Raielle was dying and her father sent someone to pick her up but she had to leave everyone behind and not say anything. The beginning of this book immediately starts off where the first book ended. My heart was pounding through all of this because I didn't know what was going to happen and if anything was going to turn out okay. 

Now Raielle has always been a strong person but she cracks a little in this book because there is a very solid rule with healing: if someone is dying, it's still a life for a life. And because Raielle is selfless she has such a hard time dealing with the fact that someone had to die for her to live. Not to mention her dad's business of using his healing powers and others like them is starting to show how it's not as good intentioned as it seemed. And on top of that, she hasn't/wasn't allowed to have any contact with those she loves - Lucas, her brother - so it's really hard for her to stay strong when everything feels hopeless. 

Lucas left to search for Raielle as soon as her found out she left. He knew the city, but he didn't know where and how to get to her and because Raielle's father won't let her contact him, it actually takes a bit more than two months for them to finally see each other. From there, there is only more edge off your seat action because the story does get really intense! 

The Romance: From book one Raielle and Lucas's love ran deep and their relationship had already been well developed and it only grew in this book. It takes awhile for them to find each other but they never stopping loving and hoping they would be together again. These two really are perfect for each other and I loved every moment of them in this book.

End Thoughts: It was a great sequel and ending to this series. The ending was wonderful showing how the characters were even after everything and how they were moving on and living their life. It was perfect. 4.5 stars.

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