Friday, August 22, 2014

1 Year Anniversary!

It's been a year already. I started this blog August 21st of last year so now it had been officially a year! I can't believe it. And I totally started it on a whim not knowing anything about blogging whatsoever. Over 300 posts and countless hours of blogging, I made it; we made it.

It has been so much fun. I have met so many other book bloggers and authors and just other readers since I started and it so amazing to just keep meeting other people! The one regret (okay I have two) is that I wish I knew what I was doing when I made the design for my blog because let's be honest, it doesn't look nice and could be way better - like WAY better. And I'm reminded of my craptastic technology and designing skills every time I look at this blog - which is almost everyday... Anyways my second regret was that I wish I had more time! I know I've missed posts because I just haven't had the time when I wish I did. But you all are so awesome so I just move on and don't worry.

So with that I have a giveaway!

It's one giveaway but there will be two winners. And because I am a lazy person at heart, the giveaway will last a month!

The first prize is a signed copy of Under Different Stars by Amy A. Bartol. She's an awesome writer and I love and have all of her books. (You can find my review for Under Different Stars HERE). This will be US only as I have to pay for shipping.

The second prize is the entire Wide Awake eBook series : Wide Awake, Wide Spaces, Wide Open by Shelly Crane. I love this author too. Her books are fantastic! This can be for anyone as long as you can get ebooks!

Thank you you guys! I love you all!

Ps. In the giveaway, I have liking my facebook page for this blog but I haven't put a lot of effort into that page yet so if ya do like it, it is linked to all my posts so you'll get them (hopefully, this is facebook we are talking about!) I just don't spend as much time on their as I do here and Twitter!

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