Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Musings: Street Teams

This week's topic is...Street Teams!

Street teams for books are great for everyone! As the author, they have a group of people to get the word out about anything to do with their books. As the street team member, you get to know things ahead of time, get teasers for books, get arcs, and much more!

Did you know you don't have to be a blogger to be on a street team?

See I didn't know this until after I became a blogger but after being on a couple street teams I found out you didn't have to be! And for the most part, a lot of the stuff from the street teams I'm on never makes it onto this blog. 

This is because... I get teasers for books that are only made for the street team's eyes (which is favorite part), asking to announce a deal for one of their books (which I use twitter for), or basically anything else.

I mean of course I do cover reveals or get some arcs and review them here, but everything that can be done on a blog can be done just as well without a member having a blog when it comes to street teams.

Do you have a facebook, twitter, google+, goodreads, tumblr, or some other social site account? Cause that's all ya need and most people I know on street teams have no blogs and use these sites to help out their authors.

Did you know that there is actually a "best part" of being on a street team (at least for me)?

There is and it's totally amazing to be a part of! Two of my street teams are very interactive. Meaning I basically have chats about normal everyday things everyday with the author and the other members of the street team! We will talk about random things, just say good morning, or have posts that start with "today absolutely sucks please tell me something happy". It is so much fun and so amazing to be close to so many other people. It's really like another family, albeit a bookish family, but one nonetheless.

I had no idea that when I joined street teams I'd find another family. And street team families are awesome. The connections I make with other authors and people are simply the best! I'm always so happy to be able to connect with them and these connections made are lasting ones.

So basically... Anyone can join a street team and when you do, you make new connections and gain a new family and then get perks for being part of that family. So go join a street team today if you haven't already. And if you haven't found a family with ones that you are a part of, I'm sorry to say - go find a new family (I'm kidding, not all are the same!). Happy Reading.

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