Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly Musings: Book Pet Peeves

This week's exciting topic is... Book Pet Peeves.

I know for a fact that I have MANY pet peeves when it comes to books that I kind of annoy myself sometimes with the fact that I have so many. I mean why can't I read a book with bent pages, a bent spine, built-in stickers on a cover that no longer fits with the other covers in the series all while having someone talk to me at the same time? 

Here is a list of all the book pet peeves I can think of.

When a cover changes in the middle of a series. I like having all matching covers and it irritates me so much when this happens! Even though I hate it, I still will buy the book because I'm not going to stop reading just because the cover doesn't fit the previous books. 

When people dog ear pages. I can't even imagine ever doing this to a book. Why would anyone ever purposely bend and damage a book! Just WHY!
When people bend the spine of a paperback. This one kind of goes with the dog eared pages. Again why would you break a book. I see people do this all the time and I *sometimes* glare when they do.

When there is a sticker on the cover or a "sticker" that is part of the cover and can't be removed. I don't like things obscuring my view of a book cover. Stickers can be hard to take off but when they are part of the cover, I feel like it ruins the whole thing. I mean why can't you just have a sticker-free book cover? Is it too much to ask for?

Having one hardcover book in a series of soft covers and vice versa. I don't have this problem in the sense that, if one book in a series is hardcover, I'm going to get them all in hardcover. Same with softcover. I will never have a series be a combination of both.

When you lend out a book and never get it back or you get it back in horrible condition. Oh this one is awful! I've lent out my books before and have sometimes never gotten them back or they were damaged. If people do this to me I make them buy me a new one. Now though I'll only let my closest friends use my books. Everyone else has to fend for themselves.

When people ask you what you are reading even though they can see the title. Have you ever had this happen? I've had a few times but what I have found to be even more annoying is when I'm reading on my kindle and people ask me what I'm reading. I don't know why but it just irritates me when people ask - I'm reading, I'm in my happy place, leave me alone sheesh.

When people thinks it's okay to talk to you while reading a book. I don't what it is with people that makes them think that reading a book means I want to have a conversation with them. I'm serious, it's not even funny how times I get interrupted while reading a book. You'd think that reading a book clearly means you want to be left alone.

So there you have it! I know there are other book pet peeves but I feel like these are some of the most common. What kind of book pet peeves do you have?

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