Sunday, July 13, 2014

Murphy's Law

Okay so I hate excuses but I'm totally going using them right now.

A look into my personal life...

So I got my eyes dilated last week on Thursday which affected me through Friday causing anything close to my face to be blurry so I couldn't see anything and if I tried to look at anything close I got dizzy. Also my eyes are sensitive to bright light in the first place but with the added dilated pupils, I had to stay away from electronics. So those days I wasn't able to read or blog which completely sucked! But then, my family (I still got a year left before I go to college :P) decided to go out of town too and I had no idea until last minute! So this all equals me not having access to computers since thursday which is a really big deal to me because I love being able to blog and I wasn't able to. You'd think there would be way more time to blog not having school but believe when I say - I found way more time during the school year than I am finding now. It is completely frustrating.

Anyways I hate excuses but sometimes they are really all ya got for explaining yourself.

So what does this all have to do with Murphy's Law (I bet you forgot about that!)???

Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong when it comes to me and planning to blog!

Remember for the future, if I totally drop off the face of the earth for a couple days from blogging, it's probably because something prevented me - like not seeing anything or surprise family weekend out or some other random thing (really, the possibilities are endless)! Most of the time though, it's family. But we all love our family! Well, hopefully...

Since I didn't have a Sunday Post, I have a blog tour and release day launch tomorrow plus more reviews coming this week. Happy Reading!

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