Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book & Blog Updates!

Review Updates

This coming week I'm going to have quite a few reviews and they all will be really high starred reviews because I just happen to have found books that just perfect examples of what I like to find in books and read. I just wanted to tell you this that way when I start posting you aren't wondering why I keep saying "I loved this book" after so many reviews

Another review update is that I guest reviewed a book for a blog called Novel Thoughts so my review should be posted there soon (hopefully) so I'll have a post for when that happens!

Blog Updates

A couple months back I made a blog that has no purpose except for me to try things out before I make changes to this blog, that way I don't mess anything up or lose things. So I finally came up with a design I like and wanted to apply it to this blog that way it looks nicer and more professional. It would take me a couple days to make all the changes but I wanted to see what you guys think. The link for my blog with the design I want to use is  so tell me what you think cause I like it but I hope y'all like it too cause ever though this is my blog, you are the ones who have to look at it :)

That's it and I hope to have other posts today but they would have be later this evening as I'm out of town!

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