Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ARC Review: To Call Your Name by Catherine Green

Summary: Chloe gave up Seth to save the world…and his soul. Now all she has to do to become one of the People is to complete a Quest she doesn’t understand, to find a mythical object she can’t see, in a realm she can’t access. 

Seth left town to escape the ghosts of his past and the love he can’t forget. But the one thing that will set him free is the only thing he can’t bring himself to do. 


**This is Book #2 in the Life in the Palace series. You can find my review for the first book HERE which would help greatly in understanding what's going on if you haven't yet!!**

**I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**

Initial Thoughts: This was actually a pretty good sequel! While I loved the first one a bit more, I still think this one was good and I enjoyed it a lot.

The Characters & Story: Chloe and Seth are a bit changed from the first book. Chloe broke up with Seth in the first book because she was killing him in the Palace by being with him (even though she never wanted to). After that Chloe goes to ask to join the People which if they are accepted have to go on a quest of sorts but really have no idea what they are doing. From Chloe's side of the story, it's about her finding out how to complete the quest, figure out why she dreams of Seth a lot AND why he still looks like he's dying in the dreams, and also just doing other stuff that all ties into the Palace or her friends - like being the camp kitchen everything with her friend Jen or shopping for baby clothes for example (don't worry there's way more than that and it isn't boring at all).

Seth's part of the story is much different. He really changed after the breakup and so much so that his best friend made him to on a trip to India (I wouldn't complain) which lasts for months. There he is just trying to get away from all the pain but guess who also is having the exact same dreams as Chloe? Coincidence? I think not! Well obviously the dreams are connected and very much real. Seth doesn't know/think they are real and so this leads to him later in to book going to this place for mediation and other stuff that has People there to try and get ride of them.

There were some new characters that showed up, like those Seth meets while on his trip. I thought that the humor that was in the first book was going to be lost in this one because Chloe and Seth were on opposite ends of the world, BUT there was albeit a little less.

"We hired some guy in a van to drive us up. Then starting at one freaking a.m. in the morning we walked up five thousand two hundred steps. In the case you get bored on the way, there's little shops selling souvenirs because the one thing you want after the first two thousand steps is more stuff to carry."

The Romance: Now since Seth and Chloe are worlds apart, there isn't much going on in this department, except for the dreams. Though for a little bit, while Chloe is at camp, some guy, Yair, a People, started to take an interest in her and Chloe kind of liked him and I was getting really mad because she was already taken even if she wasn't with, remember - soul mates. So I really ticked off for awhile at the characters until later when the whole situation is explained - it wasn't that Chloe liked him but that He (that's capitalized on purpose) wanted to let Chloe be normal amidst all the chaos - but I was still really mad!

End Thoughts: Oh I can't wait for the next book because I know it's going to be really good especially after that ending! I really hope everything works out for everyone in the end because ya know I love happily ever afters and I haven't gotten it yet! 4 stars.

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