Sunday, February 16, 2014

Planned Posts For The Week - 2/16/14

Okay so I might've lied when I said I was going to post reviews yesterday...I wasn't home to. Which just means I'm putting them up today!! I'm making it my mission this weekend (since I have a three day one) to review every book I read, so I still have to post at least three today (those were the ones I promised for yesterday) but then I have two more to write for either today or tomorrow and then for however many more other books I read (I'm about to start my sixth) NOT that I'm trying to sound rude or anything, weekends are just my time to read a lot, especially three day ones!

Okay so this week's planned posts are...

Today: Reviews
Monday: 1 post: Monday Recs.
Tuesday: 1 post: Teaser Tuesday
Wednesday: 1 post: Waiting on Wednesday
Friday: 1 post: Friday Favorites
Saturday: Miscellaneous

It looks like a pretty mellow week but that just means I'll I have more time to write reviews! Happy Reading!!

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