Saturday, January 25, 2014

Updates and Stuff!!

Okay I just wanted to say that I'm just organizing some of my posts by adding labels so I have no idea if that means they will show up as new posts or something but in that case just ignore them unless you haven't seen them or something.

Another thing I wanted to say was that I think I'll start to add polls/questions for you guys and to start off they'll be ones that will help me help you guys..that doesn't make sense really..okay I'll just put up a first question then...

Side note...I'll ask questions in a post but I'll be putting polls in the side were I have everything else, and if you use the mobile version you won't see it unless you go the the web version...

What time works best for viewing my posts...I am central when are you most available during the day and what days are best too...

***answer in comments if you feel like answering 

...I'll be putting up better and funner questions later and every Saturday too hopefully!!

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