Saturday, January 25, 2014

ARC Review: Forced Autonomy by Lila Felix

The United States has collapsed. Those citizens who are left are in one of two classes. One: Citizens who have undergone forced lobotomies, as mandated by the United Nations. Two: Those who fight against their tyranny. 
Petra Kingsley falls under both classes. She falls in line with the drones, pretending her procedure worked. She’s existed among their ranks, hiding in plain sight, being worked to the bone and starved almost to death. 
Lawson is a bounty hunter of sorts. His target isn’t the guilty, it’s those who are lost in the folds of a broken society. 
When he spots Petra working in the masses, he stops at nothing to help her escape. 
But he has no idea who exactly he’s helping—and who will now be hunting them both?

Oh where to start?? Hmm I guess I can start by saying that it was wonderful! The characters, the plot, the setting - it was all laid down. Now let me also say that this is a novella series so think of it as a book cut into parts and those parts get released individually (in order of course) so that's what this was - it was only the beginning of the story but it was perfect and now I'm really excited for the story to continue!

Okay so the main characters are Petra and Lawson (Law for short) and the action starts from the first chapter on. Lawson finds people like Petra who have undergone the lobotomies, but it never worked on them - meaning they weren't mindless robots. So Law finds Petra and brings her to where other people who are like her or are other humans who escaped lobotomies. When they back to the camp with the others, you get more background as to had happens and what is happening. You also discover a secret about Petra and I could tell that it is going to play a role in the story and which was even more confirmed when I get to the end and then BAM! cliffhanger! And I definitely didn't see it coming cause really how are supposed to know that friends are actually the enemy?!?! But anyways I also wanted to touch on the romance between Petra and Lawson, okay? Okay they are cute and I tend to think that every couple in every book is cute and adorable, but seriously they are! Lawson was always making sure that Petra was taken care of and he would take care of her and, and it's just adorable! When the end had come, I was like "Now that's love right there!" and "I didn't see that coming" and "Well crap, I need the next part!"

So yeah Forced Autonomy was amazing and I can't wait for the next parts to come It was a great quick read, very enjoyable, and just a great start and I highly recommend it and the author as well! 
I give it 5/5 stars!! 

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