Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick Note on Rating

When I finish a book, it's actually hard for me rate books, because seriously a 5 star scale isn't that much. A 5 is like saying it's and A book but A's ranges from 90-100% so really it's hard. Plus I don't like giving bad reviews. So for me, if I give a book 5 stars it means it made laugh or cry or get frustrated or made me want to through my book, it's means that when I finished I wanted to buy the next book so I could continue on. It means I couldn't stop thinking about the book and it's characters and that I loved it all. It means that the writing was wonderful and held my attention. It means that I didn't want to put the book down and stop reading. It means so much more than just the writing and the plot of the story, I had to feel like I was in the story not watching it. And for the most part, I tend to love most books (still figuring out if thats a bad thing or a good thing). But seriously, you can't just rate a book as a book, you also have to include yourself in it and how you think others would like it as well. That being said, I guess my rate scale is - okay (2), good and liked it but probably won't read it again (3), really loved it and it was really good (4.5) and I loved it and it was amazing and made me start fangirling is a 5. And for the most part, I write reviews on books I love (and on books that I receive for review) so yeah reviews will be pretty good!! And just a side note, just because I love a book doesn't mean you will but I read practically every genre of book so a paranormal book may be different from a contemporary or dystopian but as I said above it's also how I/you fit into the story! So yeah there you go Happy Reading!!

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