Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sentinel by Jennifer Armentrout Review

How many times do I have to tell you guys that Jennifer Armentrout is the most talented author out there?!?!? Cause really she is. I own at least 16 of her books and have loved every. single. one.
Now Sentinel the last very last book in her Covenant series came out today. I already finished it. I cried the last 10% of the book and afterwards. I couldn't stop crying. Anyone else who finished it said they cried was. beautiful. I don't know how I can even give the credit this book and author deserves. It was amazing and I can't stop saying how amazing it was and how much I loved it...

The book starts off right where the last one ended and Alex the main character is broken a bit from her encounter with Ares and she realizes something is wrong but can't figure it out and you keep trying to figure out what's going on and you guess and hope and then BAM! and then you're like Oh that makes sooo much sense as to why Alex was acting how she was but the story continues on and there is so much action and did I mention this series is Paranormal Romance?!?!?...nope hehe oops okay well it is...sometimes heavy on the romance but can you blame the author when you have a character like Aiden (who I'll get to soon enough)...anyways action..yeah that..all the action in the story is great...there are so many unexpected things that happen and you're like WHAT!?! HOW!!okay okay breathe...and you can't help but love everything that happens

Now Seth...he is a character that I hated for the most part except on the occasion when he was sarcastic..I really love sarcasm family doesn't understand though..anyways...but nonetheless I didn't like him throughout the series but in this book..he seriously redeemed himself and I actually love him and I seriously hated him..but it's all good now!!:)

 Okay now Aiden...Aiden was my first book boyfriend and is still my one true love even though he's Alex's. Alex and Aiden are so darn cute I love them and they have loved each other from the first book and ahhh so cute and Aiden is soooo totally swoon worthy and hot and really sexy but so sweet and caring and overprotective (as always) of Alex in the book. I love everything about those two and in the end I was bawling my head off because something bad does happen and I'm like when people die they stay dead..well at least the second time around if you've read the other books hehehe...

...So yeah, in the end things worked out in totally seriously unexpected way. The ending was perfect. so freaking perfect especially for this series and I really want a spin off because no one I mean on one can ever have enough of Alex and Aiden. Again everything was perfect and beautiful and this series is the only series where I have ever cried during more than one of the's more like all of them because they are just that awesome...and I don't really ever cry in books(I think maybe four series including this one) so if you hear me say I was good. I really hate that this series ended because it is and will always be my favorite but I loved how it end...but seriously I want more Alex and Aiden and oh Aiden's brother Deacon is really funny (I forgot to mention that...)

Now I am seriously begging you-go read this whole series and every single book by Jennifer Armentrout. She is awesome and talented and amazing and I need more words to describe how much I really love her and her books. I don't care if you don't want to spend money on books...just do it cause it is soooo worth it in the end...(if you really want I will lend my books cause they are ebooks if you really want to read them but don't want to buy..I will, seriously just ask)

I rate this book 10/10 but it deserves so much more and go but this book, this series, and all other books by Jennifer Armentrout..cause this series has been optioned for a tv show and another of her series (The Lux series) is going to be a movie..she's that go and enjoy and happy readings to all!!
Like I said earlier I will lend my ebooks to you if you want...leave a comment if you do!

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