Sunday, November 24, 2013

Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu Review

Champion is the third and last book book in the legend trilogy so before I talk about Champion I'm just going to give a brief summary of the previous books, but I won't give too much away incase you haven't read it.

In Legend the first book June is 15 and a prodigy of the Republic. She is the best in everything and is from the elite. Day is 15 and is the most wanted criminal and he is from the slums. When June's brother is murdered, Day is pinned as the person who did it so June sets off to find him and turn him in, but of course things change and they become a little more than friends and so the to the next book Prodigy  (I'm skipping parts obviously)... They are hiding and eventually join the Patriots who are a group who is trying to sabotage the Republic and June and Day get split up because of it. And in this book I was "talking" to the author in mind of course and was like "I see what you're doing...don't go there" cause really I didn't want this one thing to happen to the characters but at the end of the book there was this huge unexpected plot twist and I seriously had my jaw hanging and couldn't stop saying "That can't be true, that can't be true..." but it was true and boy do I get really attached to characters cause it makes the story just so much better but because I do it made the ending even worse cause I couldn't stop thinking about how everything was going to end in the last book (in case you haven't notice I have tons of things running through my head all at once when I read...oops)

And so now to the last book Champion (sorry for the crappy summary, the books are so much more interesting then how I put them). This book is so emotional and wonderful. There are so many different types of action throughout the book, whether it be fighting, planning, treaties, allies, enemies, more fighting, shooting, kissing, helping,'s all there. June and Day are both so awesome and you can't help but feel everything they feel, and you are always worried for them too because of something that happens at the end of the third book (which was what made me say "that can't be true") and I seriously had no idea how everything was going to end. Characters come and go, the action heightens then heightens more, the plot twits and you go crazy trying to figure everything out and before you know it there's thirty pages left and everything is going haywire and you start crying because of the ending. This ending killed me so, so much cause it ain't some happily ever after (AND I LOVE HAPPILY EVER  AFTER ENDINGS *don't judge*).  But then I saw the epilogue and then I saw that it was ten years later and then I saw that it was still sad and then I read the last two lines and my heart was filled with joy and hope and there was still some sadness but mostly I was happy and I really want an epi-epilogue or whatever you even call an epilogue after the epilogue because I want to 100% know how things ended.  So in the end you kinda get a happy ending, it was just ten years late!!

Overall I absolutely loved this book and this series and I definitely recommend it to everyone. It is definitely a 5/5 star book!! Now go read it cause it will not disappoint. Happy Reading!

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