Saturday, October 19, 2013

Riser Review by Becca C Smith

So I actually finished reading the third book (Ripper) in this series called the Riser Saga. Riser is the first book so I decided I'll just write the review on the first book because the whole series is AMAZING!!
Riser is about this girl named Chelsan who sees black swirls on anything dead and she can control anything that is dead and it's really cool. She has been able to do it her whole life and just fyi her grandparents are really evil but she has an awesome mom who I like. Chelsan's best friends are Bill and Nancy and they have really great character developement. Actually all the characters are developed really well. They are funny and great and all different but make wonderful characters to follow. Now Ryan, let's just say I really like Ryan...he's so cute!! Anyways there is a lot of action everywhere in the book. There are attacks, secret "missions" (they aren't spies so I guess secret stuff happens...) there is love and friendship and so much more that I can't spoil (like who dies, who is on which side, who has what powers, who is going to get hurt ya know the usual in stories!!) You do meet others that have powers who may or may not be good (even after the third book I'm still iffy on who really is evil family wise) Oh I forgot to mention that this is in the future where the people have created this age-pro thing that keeps people from aging so all in all they live forever unless they are killed but in this world no one likes to fight cause they all just want to live and they do have a lot of better technology in their world. Overall this book is awesome and the series is really good. I really hope there are more books after the third book cause it is a saga and I don't want the awesomeness to stop.ever. and it is a really good series and the ebooks are really cheap on Amazon so get them.  I give this book/series 5/5 black swirls which totally makes more sense if you read the book which you all should do!! 
P.S. I'm currently 85% through this book The Bane (The Eden Trilogy) by Keary Taylor so I'll have a review coming up for that and after that book another review for this series called Feudlings (Fate on Fire) which I just ADORE!!! Happy Reading!!!

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