Saturday, October 26, 2013

Allegiant By Veronica Roth Review

So I had pre-ordered Allegiant a long time ago and so I was reading reviews of it on the first day it came out on Amazon and I was like "Why are there so many negative reviews?" And the only thing I came up with after reading the book is that people just didn't like the plot twist and someone even said what that twist was in their review so I had it spoiled for me. But I still really loved the book going in knowing how it was going to end and I loved it. I was crying the last thirty pages of the book and I couldn't stop crying. The book was written beautifully and the end, oh the end...I have realized that Veronica Roth probably doesn't have a heart because honestly if you've read the first two books you realize that she really likes killing characters...I mean really really likes it as you can definitely see in Allegiant. All I'm going to say is that four main characters die in this book...and I'm so heartbroken from the end. It's just a really heartbreaking, emotion twisting book.

Okay now for some of the story... Four/Tobias and Tris are so darn cute in their romance because now they actually have more time to be together. They are sweet and funny and yet they still yell at each other if you've read the previous books you know they do, but they truly are adorable and you can feel their love throughout all the book. 
The city though is still kind of messed up though because there are no longer factions so everyone is trying to figure out want to do and this is where you get the Allegiant who are trying to fix the problem which eventually leads to Tris, Tobias, Christina, Tori, Cara, Caleb, and Uriah leaving the city. **SPOILERISH KIND OF ALERT**...out of those names I just listed three of those people die..happy thoughts I know?!?!**END OF ALERT** When they leave, tons of questions get answered from the previous books like how their city came to be, and what it means to be divergent or not divergent, and if there are even people outside of their city etc...

The action is paced right, you don't get bored but keep waiting for events so happen in a good way which makes you keep reading and guessing and making up scenarios until you find out what happens.
Of course bad choices are made by characters and bad things happen and then you want to yell at VR for making bad things happen. I really love those happily ever after endings in books where your OTP(one true pair) or whichever main characters are together actually end up together and the conflict is resolved and everything is fine and dandy... but no that does not happen in Allegiant. Yes the conflict is resolved and stuff but people die and then you die and you are an emotion wreck cause I become really invested in characters and their story and so when anything happens to them I'm a wreck and my family thinks I'm crazy so whatever. 
Back to the book...overall I thought it was really well written, the plot was good, my heart was crushed, the characters are still amazing and I cried a lot so yeah it was a great book and I don't see anything wrong with it although I'm always going to imagine a different ending NOT because they book and ending were horrible (I did cry the entire ending) but because I like happy endings and so I'm making it a happy ending in my mind. I give Allegiant 10/10 because I really loved it and it is great and it is the last book in the trilogy so now I'm sad all over again! It's an awesome book just be prepared to cry...a lot... Happy Reading!!!

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