Thursday, September 26, 2013

Books and Other Info

Hey so I wanted to say that I just finished re-reading Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins. Also this weekend I will be posting tons of long awaited reviews for books. Sorry that it's been can get pretty hectic. Anyways I also wanted to say that I recently joined Netgalley which is a place where you can receive books from publishers early and in a lot of cases they are looking for blogs that have a lot of followers and that is where I need you guys to come in. I need help getting followers and if I do get books from Netgalley I will be able to do a lot more reviews and even have some of my own giveaways. I really hope that if you aren't following me that you will and try to promote this blog in any way. I know this isn't very big but everything has to start small I guess. Oh and if there is anything you want to suggest and ask about with books you can email me at

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